Cocker spaniel painting by Kathrin Guenther, acrylic painting, artist, pet portraitraits

Custom made pet portraits

As a dog owner myself, I know how close to the heart our 4 legged friends are. And what better way to capture them for eternity than in a piece of art.

I am working from your photo, to turn a snapshot into artwork that will be admired by your friends and family. 

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My name is Kathrin, and I specialise in custom made pet portraits, equine, and wildlife art.  I create my artwork in my home studio in County Cork, in beautiful Ireland. Each piece is hand-painted or drawn and then shipped to their homes worldwide.

I am passionate about turning your images into art and fleeting moments into memories. My pets are as much my family as my children, and I understand how much your pet means to you. Through my work, I love celebrating the uniqueness of every animal while capturing likeness and character.  


Are you looking for some inspiration? The gallery pages just below will show you a selection of my paintings and drawings. Just scroll down for the shortcut links. On my blog I am sharing the latest work in progress photos of my art, behind the scene images from my studio and candid photos what you won't see anywhere else. So be sure to check it out.

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