Why do I paint and draw?

“Ask the artist” time – a chance to get your questions answered

This is a question that gets asked in many different versions.

  • Why do you paint and draw?
  • How did you become an artist?
  • What drives you to create art?
  • Why do you specialize in animals?

They all boil down to the same thing though, what is the big WHY? The answer is pretty easy and complex at the same time. Animals make my world go round. I grew up around animals at home in Germany. Cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, cockatiel, budgies, sheep, pigs, hens and even a pony called Pedro. If you could own it, we probably had it, at some stage or the other. Growing up in the countryside made it possible. I started taking lessons in a riding school when I was 12 and was hooked from the very first moment.

I know, lots of people own pets and don’t become artists. But to me, it was never about owning the pets. It was a friendship with them. I wanted to understand them, look after them, help them and be with them. And this has never changed. This need for a deep connection with my furry friends.

Being an artist

But when you surround your life with pets and animals in general, the unavoidable happens too. You lose them. Sickness, accidents, old age, it takes on many forms but it always happens eventually. And I found this hard. I still do and I don’t think it will ever change. But I have to say, being an artist and painting pet portraits has given me a form of peace. Feel free to pop over to the portrait painting of Junior, my Labrador. He was painted for this very reason. And not only can I use my art to get this feeling for myself, but I can help others find it for themselves too. A painting or drawing will always capture something that a photo cant.

Sole focus

A photo is just that, a photo. But a piece of art has so much more. The focus is solely on the pet or animal. You don’t have the cluttered background (even if it is another pet photobombing lol) and you can even bring the focus to the part of the pet you want to highlight most. Those clear brown eyes? The fluffy fur? Or those alert ears? All of it? Would you rather your pet’s portrait to match the decor of your living room? No problem! The background color can be color coordinated. The choice is endless and all yours. Getting a pet portrait painted gives you all the choices. And I love being an artist because I can deliver a portrait you will love and be proud to display. THIS is my why. The need to make pet owner happy, to fill a void, to serve a purpose.