Bride and groom, wedding day

Bride and groom, wedding day

Bride and Groom

My first double portrait drawing and it was exciting and nerve-wracking in equal amounts. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of working on this drawing. But it was a bit of pressure too. You see, I am right handed and for that reason, I work from the top left corner of the paper to lower¬†right. Graphite smudges and heavens forbid you have any amount of moisture or residue of anything on your hands. A drawing is ruined in an instant. So keeping the 12 x 17 inch sheet of paper in pristine condition is hard in itself. But making sure I wouldn’t get something wrong in the lower right corner after having done 2 portraits was a whole different angle of worry.

Wedding gifts

But to draw such a gorgeous dress with all its lace detail was most something to look forward to. I mean, doesn’t the bride look stunning! This drawing was a present from my client to the bride and groom. So you see, wedding presents don’t have to be a gift on the big day. The couple was well over the moon with their present. A lovely reminder of their day when everyday life had them back in its grip already. Art in every form is a great present. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lovely print of a landscape, a portrait of loved ones or a painting of the pet of the family. Art will never lose its value, you can hang it on a wall or displayed on a shelf or on a mantelpiece. And it will never get boring. If you change the style of your house decorations, change the frame of the artwork and it will look fresh and fit with the rest of the house. Simple! So next time around you are stuck for a gift idea …… art is ALWAYS a great answer.
A Happy Day  by Kathrin Guenther
17 inch by 12 inch
Graphite pencil on Bristol Board art paper
Private Collection