“Ask the artist” time – a chance to get your questions answered

A lot of the time I hear the question if I have a favorite piece of art. Or a favorite commission piece.

Now to tell you the truth, this is hard to answer.

My artworks are like children to me. Ok, maybe not QUITE like children. (You wouldn’t sell your kids lol) But nearly. I always feel a personal connection with the animals in my pieces. You learn so much about them when you paint or draw them. So while I can honestly say I love each and every one of my works, I do have some that would feature on my favorite commission list for one reason or the other.

One of my favorite commission pieces

As commissions go, I loved painting the portrait of Sadler’s Wells. Such an icon in the thoroughbred world! But not just that. He was a true character and most definitely knew his worth. I remember virtually holding my breath every time I got to meet him. I was in total awe of him. And yes, I guess I loved him for his magnificence.

When I was asked if I could paint him for my client, I was glad that I had my own photos of him. Non quite matched the impact he I had on me in real life, but I knew this wouldn’t matter. Because I had known him.So many of my memories of him got trapped in the layers of paint. It was a labor of love. Was I glad when I was finished? No. Because it meant handing it over, letting him go. But I knew the painting would go to someone who knew and loved the horse. A man who had looked after him for a long time. And I knew his portrait would be the pride of place still.