Works of art in Graphite

I truly believe Graphite is simply the perfect medium for a highly detailed, photo-realistic piece of art. A drawing looks timeless and elegant and will fit anywhere. While a good sketch is a solid base for a painting, a great drawing is the perfect piece of art in its own right.

Why I love graphite?

I love working with the simple graphite pencil. It is the perfect little tool, so versatile, so comfortable to handle, so immediate. However, don’t be fooled by it. It creates the most delicate shades of grey an artists heart could wish for, shadows and light, skin texture or hair, depth on a flat surface. While the width of a single line seems insignificant, it makes the difference between “looking like” and “That’s him/her!”

I only use the best materials available to me because I believe that my clients deserve nothing but the best. Hence for my graphite art, I use acid-free Bristol board extra smooth drawing paper and Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils and leads exclusively.

graphite, dogs, drawing, pencil, Kathrin Guenther, art

Those 2 gorgeous boys in the drawing to the left are Ozzi and Dino. They are just an example of what you will find in the pet portrait gallery. Please click on the image and it will take you to it instantly.

graphite, child, human, people, Kathrin Guenther, drawing, pencil

Isn’t Milan Jr. as cute as a button! He is just one of the little personalities on my gallery page for non furries. Would you like to see who else is there? Click on the image and find out!

graphite, sketchbook, drawing, pencil, Kathrin Guenther, art

Oh, I do love my sketchbook! Yes, I understand that sketch books are mostly hidden in drawers or travel easels. But why? Why not share those little insights too? Come on, they are fun little drawings and who knows, they might inspire you to grab a pencil too. You know the drill, click the image.

Would you like to know more ?

A birthday coming up? Or are you still looking for that perfect wedding  present?

Do you have an empty place on your wall? Could a graphite drawing be just what you are looking for?

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