Orangutan painting by Kathrin Guenther, acrylic painting, wildlife art

Does she remember?

An Orangutan painting

I stumbled across the photo of this Orangutan on Flickr and I was glad to see it was available as a reference. Such soulful eyes! It is said, eyes are the mirror to the soul. But her eyes seem to mirror so much more. Memories of generations way back when they could live free from daily danger. But also flashbacks from times gone by when danger came and found them. It makes me sad to think that we need to lock our wild animals away behind fences just to keep them safe. I live for the day when my art can make a big enough impact to help animals in this world.

Remember by Kathrin Guenther

W&N Artist acrylics

14 inch by 18 inch

on hardboard

original available for sale, 260 Euro unframed