A pretty mare,

then again, of course, I would think so. She is my own girl and I love her to bits! Glory came to me as a little 3-month-old foal and I reared her and trained her. She is my friend and companion. I don’t think anybody could have predicted at the time that this hairy little sweetheart would turn into the stunning and high spirited mare she is today. Time goes by and she still changes along with it. But we all do, so why wouldn’t she?

Her portrait is hanging in my home. So while Glory enjoys her time in the yard, I still got her with me every second of the day.

horse portrait painting by Kathrin Guenther, acrylic painting, mare, equine art

Glory by Kathrin Guenther

W&N Artist acrylics

24 inch by 18 inch

on Ampersand Hardboard

private collection