Other paintings

Landscape and seascape art

I don’t paint many landscape and seascape paintings or anything non furry really. However, now and than inspiration does strike. And living in a beautiful country like Ireland, inspiration is never really far away. With its rugged coastlines and fog glad mountains, stunning waterfalls and hidden valleys. There is so much beauty all around.
Alternatively, my
lovely customers approach me with requests and I truly love making their wishes a reality. There are a few paintings here already and I am sure there will be more to come. I do enjoy the change and challenge.
I hope you will stop and take a look at them. Click on the pictures and you can find out more about those lovely places.

Alternatively, here is a link to some of Ireland’s most beautiful places.  LINK


landscape and seascape, acrylic, Kathrin Guenther, painting, art
landscape and seascape, rock of cashel, Kathrin Guenther, painting, acrylic