Pet portraits

Gorgeous dogs …. and a kitty

A selection of paintings featuring men’s and woman’s best friends. Personally, I believe a pet dog completes a family. The joy of coming home to a wagging tail is beyond words. No matter how bad your day was, you can’t help but feel better when your 4 legged friend greets you like you are the best human being in the world.

Dogs bring joy and companionship into our lives. They get us out and about and are a great reason to keep active. But most of all they are there for us, with us. Unconditional and forever forgiving. With a listening ear, a cuddle and a sloppy doggie kiss. Dogs make the world a better place.

Here is a small selection of dog paintings. There will be many new paintings added over the course of this year so be sure to check back in regularly. Click on each painting to read about the dogs featuring in them. 

And now a little kitty has snuck in too! Come and meet Amy the cat, right in the middle of the doggy gang.

pet dog painting art Kathrin Guenther acrylic
pet dog painting sheepdog Kathrin Guenther acrylic art
beagle painting Kathrin Guenther acrylic art
pet dog sheepdog painting Kathrin Guenther acrylic art
Amy, a cat painting by Kathrin Guenther, acrylic art
pet dog painting Junior black Labrador Kathrin Guenther acrylic art