Wildlife Art

Wild animals from around the globe

I always loved wildlife. As a little girl, I was fascinated by the deer and wild boar population, watching the little birds feed on the windowsill during the winter months and the butterflies in the garden during summer. Now it’s the big cats in the wildlife parks and zoo or the birds of prey in the countryside.

Someday I hope to go on a photo safari to South Africa. Until then, I enjoy the animal parks in my area. And I can truly recommend them if you are ever in Ireland. Conservation and breeding programs are important factors in both parks, and the enclosures are constantly improved to make it better for the animals.

Fota Park               Dublin Zoo

wildlife sumatran tiger big cat Kathrin Guenther art acrylic painting
wildlife, stag, painting, Kathrin Guenther, acrylic, art
wildlife fox Kathrin Guenther painting art acrylic
wildlife jaguar big cats Kathrin Guenther acrylic painting art
wildlife bird pelican Kathrin Guenther painting acrylic art