A pet portrait artist in County Cork

Pet owners tend to like keeping things local. A beautiful forest walk, minutes away from your front door. A great pet shop within a short journey by car. And of course, a vet that can be with you in a heartbeat if you really need one in an emergency.
I get it. I am the very same with my 4 legged gang. Less time spent traveling means more time for the important things in my life. Or to put it differently, the shorter the car journey for my dogs the better as they are not great travellers! And over time I have realized something else. Getting that all-important painting or drawing of a pet is no different. Having their very own pet portrait artist in County Cork is a fact my local clients love very much.

How I can help

They love being able to meet me. And I feel incredibly privileged to be there when they see their painting for the very first time. But that’s not all. Being local means I can come and photograph the pet should you need help with that. Or if you got proper photos instead of digital files, we can pick through them together. We can sort out the most suitable ones so you don’t need to send all of them by post. I love helping where I can. But the best days are the ones when I have the pleasure to meet the model for the painting or drawing. I mean, how fabulous is that!
My art studio is in my home, in a fab countryside setting near the east Cork town of Fermoy. I am a 25-minute drive from Cork city and only minutes from Fermoy.
While my art lives in homes all over the world, I know that my local clients appreciate the fact that I am right here with them.
By the way, if you are in the area, samples of my work can be seen in my local vets, DUNTAHEEN VET CLINIC FERMOY
pet portrait artist in county cork
One of my local “models”. Isn’t Toby just fabulous! I met him and took the photos for the painting.
pet portrait artist in county cork
And 2 more puppies I had the pleasure to meet. Once again, I assisted with the reference photo.