waves, seascape painting by Kathrin Guenther, acrylic painting

And splash!

Some waves by the seaside


I love the seaside. If I ever win the lotto, I retire by the seaside. Imagine waking up to the waves gently rolling onto the beach. Or sitting beside an open fire while the big waves crash on the rocks. Wouldn’t it be fabulous! Well, I love it. I grew up in the mountains in Germany and I always longed for the water. Now that I live in Ireland, I am never further than a 20-minute drive from the ocean. The dogs love it too, so we go there often.

The reference for this came from one of those trips. Youghal is a fabulous fishing town near us. Well worth a visit if your ever around that area.

Splash by Kathrin Guenther

W&N Artist acrylics

8 inch by 12 inch

on Pastel board

private collection in Ireland