Boo , a German Shepherd mix

Boo , a German Shepherd mix

“Featured Pet” blog post

A memorial portrait of a girl called Boo

In 2008 I had the pleasure to draw this girl the first time around. I had only started my artistic journey at the time. Her owner had won an online auction for a portrait drawing, with the money going to a well deserving animal rescue in Cashel. Boo belongs to Aisling and was adopted by her from a rescue. The 2 were a match made in heaven and I was always looking forward to hearing and reading about their adventures together. Boo had a fabulous life, not wanting for nothing. She shared her owner with a Sheepdog girl called Amber. Amber is another one of my models and you will find her portrait by clicking HERE

In August 2013 this gorgeous girl passed away and her owner was deeply saddened by her loss.
Tracey Barlow, who owns Petography, is a mutual friend. She asked me to draw Boo again, a memorial portrait as a gift it to her owner, with the wish to ease her pain a little. 

This was the message I received from Aisling, the owner of Boo

Kathrin, Boo’s portrait arrived from Tracey last week. I could trace every familiar line of her beautiful face and re-imagine her soft velvety ears and what it was like to kiss her nose. It brought her to life for me in a way that the original photo never could. I will treasure it always. You’re a wonderful artist. xxx

Reading her message still brings tears to my eyes. The gift to touch people keeps giving me so much joy in return.

Boo- a memorial portrait  by Kathrin Guenther
12 inch by 8 inch
Graphite pencil on Bristol Board art paper
Private Collection